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Getting Started


For a wallet to be EIP-5792 compliant, it must implement support for the four new RPC methods specified in the EIP.

  • wallet_getCapabilities

    • Returns, per chain ID, the capabilities a wallet supports. An example of a capability is atomicBatch, which specifies that a wallet can submit multiple calls as part of a single transaction.
  • wallet_sendCalls

    • Requests that a wallet submits a batch of calls. This method also supports communicating with a wallet about capabilities it supports.
  • wallet_getCallsStatus

    • Returns the status of a call batch that was sent via wallet_sendCalls. This method returns a subset of the fields that eth_getTransactionReceipt returns, excluding any fields that may differ across wallet implementations.
  • wallet_showCallsStatus

    • Requests that a wallet shows information about a given call bundle that was sent with wallet_sendCalls.

See the reference section for details on how these should be implemented.


The easiest way for apps to start using EIP-5792 is to use Wagmi and the experimental EIP-5792 Wagmi hooks.

import { useCapabilities } from 'wagmi/experimental'
function App() {
  const { data: capabilities } = useCapabilities() 
84532: {
atomicBatch: {
supported: true,
return <div /> }

See the Wagmi documentation for more.